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I have always loved Astrology. At 11 years old I discovered an Astrology book at the library, and at 20 I started to create birth charts for others. I feel that one’s “birth chart” is the blue print of what you wanted to do in this life.

This blog is devoted to where the planets are “NOW”, and what affect they have on all of us. You will be amazed at what the planets are lining up for you now and in the future. Have fun as I navigate and educate you on some of the interesting planetary alignments, signs and aspects. This information is even more powerful when compared to the planetary alignments within your “birth astrology chart”. Empower yourself with the information, and use it to your advantage. In doing the research on what is going on in the “heavens”, and I want to thank the internet and the astrologers who contributed articles which provided me up to date facts to share with you.

Before I list what the planets are doing now, I want to give you the basics of Astrology. The following information is important to help you “know” what you are reading. I have listed the “glyphs” that will help you identify planets (although the sun and moon are not planets) but in Astrology they are referred to as planets, aspects (degree of relationship from one planet to another showing energetic harmony or struggle,) and signs (each of us is born under an astrological sign). There are more than 10 “aspects” between the planets, but for this series I am focusing on 5. I encourage you to print out the fact sheet for future reference.

** Due to the planets rotating at different speeds in reference to the earth (YOU), there may be more than one “aspect” going on per day, and then other days nothing **


Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto


Conjunct Opposite Trine Square Sextile


Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces


Sun - On the first page of Genesis it says, "God made the Sun to rule the day and the Moon to rule the night and to be for signs and wonders." To the ancients, the Sun was known as Shamash, Ra, Apollo "breaker of family curses" and Tonatiuh, "dispenser of fate". The Sun gives you light and life. It also represents how and where you shine. The Sun is the star of self-expression, ego-identity, leadership, honor, glory and pride.

Moon - is an instinctual force. It is an ever-changing symbol of your emotional life including such things as home, family, mother, dreams, feelings, the public, women and your early childhood. The Moon represents your environment, the one you were born into and the one you create for yourself. It also talks about your support system, and your "involuntary nervous system." More than that, the Moon symbolizes your unconscious life. The Moon represents what happens while you're sleeping. The Moon is the intermediary between the Earth and the universe, and you're somewhere in the middle. Because of this positioning, understanding how the Moon figures in your life is essential for happiness and personal growth. One thing that was very striking to the astronauts on the moon was that they were able to look back and view the Earth.

Mercury - is the conceptual force. It is a symbol of your mental life and such things as your mind, ideas, analytical abilities, as well as your sense and style of communication. Mercury describes patterns of thought, of learning and of assessing reality. Consequently it affects yourself image and the force of your thought. Mercury also represents the respiratory system. Mercury is youthful and it is the symbol of wit and levity.

Venus - is the force of affinity. Venus represents a good part of what you attract, cherish, enjoy and are receptive to. Venus describes much of what makes your life worth living: love, civilized sex, seduction and creativity. Venus is also an indicator for many of the qualities you look for in a mate and your sense of femininity. More than a symbol of your values, Venus represents beauty, devotion to pleasure, appreciation of art and romantic longings. Venus rules such things as skin, hair & kidneys.

Mars - is the force of motivation and mobilization. It is a symbol of your drive, action and energy. The placement of Mars in your chart influences the condition of your muscular system. Mars is associated with a lot of "A" words: aggression, anger, arousal, ardor, and appropriate assertiveness. Mars also represents things that are urgent, things that trigger your temper, and things that you furiously pursue. Mars indicates many of your issues with men and the "male ego."

Jupiter - is the force of encouragement and expansion. Jupiter is the biggest planet and possibly a sun in the making. No matter what, Jupiter measures up big. It is a symbol of your success, luck, optimism, generosity, blessings, good fortune, adventure and opportunities for growth. Life is a bowl of cherries and more is never enough for Jupiter. In its expansive sense, Jupiter also represents how you can become over-inflated, hot, greedy, over-zealous, righteous and extravagant.

Saturn - is the force of discipline and boundary's. Saturn defines your duties, responsibilities and the structure of your life. Saturn also represents the heavy hand of authority, fear, inhibitions, constrictions, restrictions, reservations, anxiety and limits imposed. It is a symbol for the force of gravity. Words like "must" and "can't" relate to Saturn.

Uranus - is the force of liberation. It's no accident that Uranus was rediscovered in the period between the American and French revolutions with their emphasis upon liberty. Uranus is where you change unexpectedly and is surprised. It's where you are unusual, eccentric and extraordinary. Uranus represents the new ideas that you are open to and where you are disinclined toward cohesion.

Neptune - represents fads, impressionability, style, glamor, imagination and inspiration. Neptune, Poseidon, "The Artful Creator" also represents your charisma, creativity, and your spiritual life. Neptune is a symbol of your immune system, parts of your aura and subtle body. Neptune is the force of deep space and the force of consciousness expansion.

Pluto - is a symbol of what the ancients used to call the "secret parts," including reproductive and elimination systems. Pluto is the force of cleansing. Pluto represents trust and violation of trust, control, obsessions and power struggles. Pluto is the force of intense transformation,


Conjunct - A conjunction occurs when two planets are in the same part of the zodiac. A conjunction is measured from plus or minus zero degrees, in other words right next to each other. When planets are conjunct they can unite efforts and combine forces. Conjunct planets are at the alpha omega point where cycles begin and end. This creates urgency, emphasis, unity and fusion. It's a very subjective state of energy, strong-headed and one-tracked. Impulses will be acted out. We're looking at an inauguration, a blending, a start. This is the most intense and personal of all the aspects. Close interactions are likely. We're talking about synthesis, solidarity and cohesion.

Opposition - An opposition occurs when two planets are in opposite parts of the zodiac. An opposition is measured from plus or minus one hundred and eighty degrees which is on half of a circle. When planets are opposed there's a balancing act and a push-pull process which can be complementary or antagonistic. Energy may be projected on to people or situations. Certainly there's a need to evaluate and reflect. Controversy and contradiction are possible. There may be a choice to fight or leave. Perhaps it's a game of give and take. To avoid struggle and stalemate, compromise may be necessary. An opposition can signal time to change sides or reclaim power.

Trine - A trine usually occurs when two planets are the same element of the zodiac. A trine is measured from plus or minus one hundred and twenty degrees which in one third of a circle. When planets are trine things can be nonchalant and easily fall into place. Passive reception can be the vibe here. Trines indicate harmony, flow, cooperation, ease, skill and karmic accrual. Trines reduce stress, friction and discomfort. They facilitate agreement.

Squares - A square usually occurs when two planets are the same triplicate of the zodiac. A square is measured from plus or minus ninety degrees which in one quarter of a circle. When planets are square you can bet that there's creative tension that requires extra work. Planets that square each other can be openly divisive, work against and inhibit each other. The energy is restless and busy. When it does assert itself in a positive way it is some of the most productive force going. Meanwhile, there can be tension, inertia and blockages.

Sextile - A sextile usually occurs when two planets are in complementary element of the zodiac, such as fire and air or water and earth. Sextiles are measured from plus or minus sixty degrees which is one sixth of a circle. Because they are chock full of opportunity and fruitfulness, sextiles are considered the luckiest of aspects. Sextiles can indicate the trends are with you. They're a time of co-operation; a merging of the yin with the yang. They're practically an invitation to action. There's something charming and exciting about a sextile.


Aries - March 21-April 19

Essentially, if you want to be happy, you need to be first and best. Somehow, some way, you need to find a competitive outlet. Ultimately, you only compete with yourself. You begin with the question posed to every solar super hero, "How will you use your super powers?"

You are here to start something new, to go where no one else has gone and to do what no one else has done. The stars dare you to be a pioneer, a champion and a doer. Like your gemstone, the diamond, you can be hard headed, multi-faceted, brilliant and beautiful."

Sexually, you've got some naturally hot stuff. One of your chief symbols is the flame of the torch. Consider it to be the sacred fire of the inner temple, and the force will always be with you and your enterprises.

The cute little lamb, the fast, strong ram is your totem. This creature is known for being hard headed and direct. Aries is a cardinal, fire sign represented by the flame of the torch. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars.

Taurus - April 20-May 20

Essentially, you need to be assured that everything's O.K., safe and secure. Once that's taken care of you are ready for gracious living. That is to say, you need some good food, antique furniture and passionate sex. You like to touch nice things, own nice things, wear nice things, eat nice things and have nice things. In fact, "I Have" is something of a Taurean philosophy of life.

It is important that you acquire some mastery over the physical, practical and earthly world. Then, paradoxically, you must learn to let go. You will only find security by acquiring a sense of self that is separate from what you possess. Actually, it's not so much about what you possess, but about not being in "survival jeopardy". The emerald is a symbol of success in love and is good for Taurus.

The Bull, an ancient fertility symbol is the totem for Taurus. Taurus is a fixed, earth sign represented by fertile fields on rolling hills. Taurus is ruled by Venus.

Gemini - May 21-June 21

Essentially, you're articulate, versatile and adroit. Put another way, you like variety. You're an idea person. It seems that your mind naturally likes to go from subject to subject. You have varied interests and like to keep up with what's going on in the world. You are encouraged to cultivate your natural communication skills. You're the original "quick study" who grasps facts, concepts and ideas. On the other hand, you can get bored easily and do not like things to drag along.

Your best friends are the ones who appreciate your sense of humor. Follow your curiosity. Travel and education tend to bring out the best in your personality. Meet some new people. Pearls and moonstones signify good health and can be of special benefit to Gemini.

The totem for Gemini are the twins. A typical Gemini has at least two sides to their personality. A Gemini will often think one way and feel another. Gemini is ruled by Mercury.

Cancer - June 22-July 22

Essentially, you're a good person and you need to deal with some of your family and emotional issues. You're naturally inclined to be touchy about some, but not all, of your relatives. Work on your family tree; try to make some sense of it all.

You're not necessarily the most direct individual. Because you prefer to withdraw from trouble, you need to watch out for passive aggression. You can get yourself into hot water without knowing it. However, your security is something you're always aware of. Usually it’s a top priority. You are definitely strong and protective of your turf.

Rubies symbolize contentment and are good for Cancer. The totem for Cancer is the crab. Cancer is a very soft creature. Give a Cancer grief and watch them crawl into their hard shell. Also, watch them sidestep trouble.

Cancer is a cardinal, water sign represented by the mountain stream pool of water. Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Leo - July 23-August 22

At the core, you're wonderful. Published accounts say that you are perfect just the way you are. Develop your willpower. Find creative ways to get yourself into the spotlight where you can shine. Leo’s are natural born leaders. Make sure you develop those skills without being narcissistic.

When compared to other people, you are more powerfully attuned to the power of the sun. To increase your good luck, treat yourself to a most excellent piece of gold jewelry.

The totem for Leo is the lion, king of the jungle. That means that Leo is entitled to the Lion's share of fun, if you can roar with pride. Leo is ruled by the Sun.

Virgo - August 23-September 22

How is it that people tend to associate perfectionism with you? Can it be that people think that essentially you're level-headed? Do you have a flair for statistics and analysis? Is it that you're highly selective and discriminating? What about your inquiries and examinations?

Probably, you are more practical and methodical than the average person. You are not prone to brag or boast and can handle money well. You can be cautious in matters of the heart. You like to do things for people and tend to be more of a giver than a taker. However, you do need to be thanked. Sapphires symbolize clear thinking and are good for Virgo.

The totem for Virgo is the virgin or angel holding grains. She is very much the earth mother goddess. This is a symbol for a simple diet and pure foods.

Virgo is a mutable, earth sign represented by the small town in the gentle, rolling hills. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and some feel Chiron.

Libra - September 23-October 23

Essentially, you're a nice person and tend to be a bit more cultured and "better" than those around you. Usually, you're also diplomatic enough to keep your superiority to yourself. The more that you become fair-minded, impartial and unprejudiced, the happier you become. You have the potential for much social intercourse and favorable public contact.

All things being equal, you prefer civil conversation. You usually do not find reason to raise your voice or to use crude language at inappropriate times. Embarrassment can be an issue for you. You like to ask for advice, but do not like to be told what to do. You can get a cushy job in a swanky environment. Tourmaline and opal symbolize hope and are good for Libra.

The totem for Libra is a scale symbolizing the need for balance and the need to carefully weigh out choices. Libra is a cardinal, air sign represented by the falling leaves. Libra is ruled by Venus.

Scorpio - October 24-November 22

Essentially, you're a strong individual, an extremely good friend, a formidable enemy, prone to intense likes and intense dislikes. You live relatively in the world of black and white. Sign of death - rebirth and transformation.

You've little time for superficial people, places or things. You prefer deep commitment, deep conversation and deep thoughts. If you can't tell it like it is, you prefer to keep quiet. It should be mentioned that you have your share of secrets. No doubt people say things about your eyes: "If looks could kill," "I feel like you're mentally undressing me," etc. You've proven to everyone that you can hold on. Your staying power is second to none. Topaz signifies fidelity and is good for Scorpio.

The totem for Scorpio is the scorpion, a creature known to sting when bothered. A lower form of Scorpio is the snake and a higher form is the eagle. Scorpio is also represented by the phoenix rising from its ashes.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto.

Sagittarius - November 23-December 21

Essentially you're a good sport. The question is, "What's your game?"
When you are naturally enthusiastic, folks tend to like you. Cultivate your natural tolerance and you will be able to get along with many different types of people. You can get the power of positive thinking to work overtime. To do so, you must clarify your ideals and pursue your spirit of adventure. The ancients believed that turquoise could counter negative vibes and relieve melancholia for Sagittarians.

The totem for Sagittarius is the centaur, half man, half horse and a complicated creature ever ready to gallop off on an adventure. Sagittarius is the sign of far travel and higher education.

Sagittarius is a mutable, fire sign represented by the campfire. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter.

Capricorn - December 22-January 19

Essentially, you're cautious, steadfast and reserved. Even as a child, your personality was probably mature for your years. With any luck your life will get better and your responsibilities will become more to your liking as you mature. We all have our cycles, and you have one that is sure and steady to the top. You only fail when you give up.

Your sun sign, Capricorn, occupies the top position on the zodiac. Take a hint. You were made for management and leadership. Your ambitions are only limited by your self-esteem. Planning and work will pay off. Be sure to ask for a fair price for your efforts. Your totem is the mountain goat symbolizing your ability to follow even the narrowest path to the top.

The garnet is a symbol of steadfastness and good for Capricorn. Capricorn is a cardinal, earth sign represented by the mountain peaks. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

Aquarius - January 20-February 18

Essentially, you're friendly and like people. But if the people are emotionally needy, then you need space. You can march to the beat of a different drummer. You can have an eccentric temperament and can be just a bit stubborn, unpredictable and contrary.

You can become a fabulous communicator, perceptive, intelligent and highly intuitive. Strengthen your originality and independence. You're no snob or hypocrite. On the contrary, you have the potential to develop tremendous social skills. The more you adopt the "live and let live" attitude, the more friends you will make. The amethyst is a symbol of sincerity and good for Aquarius.

The totem for Aquarius is the water bearer. In this, "the age of Aquarius" it is your duty, privilege and honor to spread the "waters of life" or new ideas as you see fit.

Aquarius is a fixed, air sign represented by Ben Franklin's kite getting struck by lightning. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus.

Pisces - February 19-March 20

It's fair to say that you're imaginative, a dreamer, and even mystical. You certainly seem to absorb and drink in your surroundings more than most people. You have your mood swings and can benefit from live music and dance.

The totem for Pisces is two fish, thus, essentially, there are two of you. One fish is kind, loving, tolerant and more long-suffering than most people. The other fish can bite with shark's teeth. You don't want to hurt people, unless you are feeling righteous and need to punish the guilty.

The bloodstone is symbolic of courage and good for Pisces. Pisces is a mutable, water sign represented by the geyser. Pisces is ruled by Neptune.

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