Saturday, May 9, 2009

Did Not Preview

Please forgive me for not checking for typo's and such in my previous blog. I forgot to preview my work before I published it to all of you. I hope you will understand what I have written anyway.

Many blessings,


Gratitude and Angels

All last week, I woke up with the profound feeling of Angels around me. It is hard to explain, but when I opened up my eyes, a smile and a sense of love came over me, and the sense of "peace" within. One afternoon earlier in the week, while standing in my bedroom, a scent of flowers wafted throughout the room. I knew that Grace was there.

Grace was a client of mine for many years. I think when I me her, she was in her early 80's, and when she died last year, she was well into her 90's. Grace and I had a bond. She was a straight talker, with a no nonsense attitude. Yet, she was refined and delicate at the same time. We shared an Italian heritage. She was born in Italy, and still after many many years in this country, had an Italian accent. I on the other hand, am of Italian heritage, but 2nd generation American.

I don't remember who or how Grace found me, but I used to go to her house in San Mateo. Grace believed in Angels, and the "other side", and wanted me to give her guidance regarding her grown children and life itself. We saw each other many times over the years, and then I did not hear from her for 3-4 years. She had lost my phone number, and spent many hours over time tracking me down. I then started to drive to Aptos to see her. Grace had become frail, and had an oxygen tank that she rolled around with her. Even though her health was waning, she remained bright, smart, cranky, and always had her make up on, and dressed to the nines as they say.

Our first time together, all those years ago ... involved her father. I closed my eyes, and this stately man came to me, and wanted to talk to her. He was communicating in Italian, which I do not speak. I asked me in my minds eye, to speak English ... and he did. What he told me about his life, and his love for Grace .... was magnificent. When I opened my eyes, Grace was crying, and said everything was true .... and how did I know. I said, your father told me ... and he loves you, and is with you forever. From then on and over time, other relatives of Grace came to me. Grace and I had, and have a bond.

One night early last year, I was sitting up in bed reading, and suddenly the sweet smell of gardenias wafted in front and across me. The though of Grace came to me. The next night the same thing happened, and a smile came to my face and I thought of Grace. In the back of my mind, I knew she had passed away, and was saying good-bye from this earth plain. One of Grace's daughters called me two days later, and confirmed her mother had passed away. She told me that her mother had loved me very much, and I had brought comfort to her many times. I shared my experience of the past days, and Grace came to me at that moment, and gave me a message for her daughter. Grace wanted to give her daughter comfort, that she was alive and well .... in the place of dreams and of magic. Free and young again, within the arms of the Universe. We both were crying over the phone.

My health is improving every day, I am seeing clients again, and I have the love of family and friends .......and Grace.

I love you Grace.