Sunday, April 26, 2009

Feeling Better

Today is a beautiful Sunday ... and I am feeling so much better. 3 weeks today since my surgery .. Just a little sore, and my stamina is not at full capacity. Gives me time to be still and take care of myself.

I have been reading and meditating, and making sure I am walking to limber up my body. The access I have to the other dimensions is fully operational. It feels so good. Pain medication is great, but can "disconnect" one to the other side.

Time for a nap.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Sunday

Good Morning everyone,

I woke up well rested, still a little sore in the surgery area, and at peace with myself. Healing perfectly....

One thing I learned on my journey called life, is that every cell, organ. etc., in our bodies, have memories, thoughts, feelings, and want to serve us in the healthiest way possible. I realized after my first gall bladder attack, that I did not even remember its existence ... or the reason it completed my perfect body. I went on the net and read everything I could find about why we have a gall bladder, and the function of serving us ... and the close relationship it has with our liver...

It is then, that I went into a deep meditation, brought my internal body into my minds eye, and gave grateful thanks for all that it has given me; support through stress, yo yo dieting throughout my life, lack of water (was not a great water drinker), and for forgetting its existence. I gave forgiveness to myself for my oversight and abuse, and asked for blessings in releasing this organ from my body. I stayed in intimate relationship with my image and feelings, and after 30 minutes went by, I received the following answer (there is more, but for the sake od the reader, I am writing a shortened version). "I came into life with you and served your elimination system". "I broke down all that would not serve you in support of a healthy body". "I felt your pain even when you did not know you were in pain (emotional)". "I know you love me, and I am ready to be released now". "I do not have to be in your body to serve my purpose". "I love you too".

I know the above dialogue with an organ in ones body might seem a little "out there". For me, it is a truth, and a reminder, that no matter how I have the blessings of being able to feel, see and know other beings, in other dimensions, ..........that the health of my physical body is directly related to how "I treat it" in this dimension.

Much love and blessings,


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Life Goes On

Life goes on, whether we resist or accept the journey willingly.

I have not been on my blog for so long, and have missed writing to whomever might want to read, and might be interested in my life .... I hope whatever I write, will remind you that you are not alone. Not only are we all connected by experiences, heritage and just the fact we are human, but we are also connected in spirit. You already know that I am a Universal, woo woo, ethereal thinker...or others might call "new ager". New Age seems like a weird term for all that has existed before this incarnation, and what exists into infinity. Oops, here I go getting outside the box. I love feels great!!

I am going to write about depression soon, but not today. I want to briefly catch you up to the last two months or so.

I had 4 or more gall bladder attacks (full of gall stones) since Feb 2nd (lost count). I went on a Cabo San Lucas vacation, and ended up calling the hotel doctor the first night. I did not remember we had a gall bladder, let alone, how it serves us. God the pain. I do not have health insurance, so the emergency rooms gave me antibiotics and pain medication, told me to eat low fat foods, and get a doctor to order the surgery (elective surgery unless you are near death)!! By the time the last attack happened on April 4th ... the doctors finally said, my gall bladder had to come out.

I was to have laproscopic (sp?) surgery, but once they got "in", my poor gall bladder was so infected and "angry", that they had to do general surgery. I have a wonderful family and girlfriends that rallied to my aid and care. This past Thursday I got my staples and drain removed. OMG .. removing that tubing felt really weird and not comfortable at all!! Now I feel as if I am really healing. I do not have a lot of physical energy, dealing with discomfort every where, and can only sleep on my back for now (ugh). I am so glad I do not take pain medications ... I can meditate again.

It was really different to have all this time on my hands, and not be able to focus on meditation,reading, TV, emails, blog, etc. I kept falling asleep, or not being able to center myself.

Even though I have gone through a lot in my life, including this latest health challenge, I know that I am blessed and am so grateful for all of you ... my family .. friends...and my clients.

I have more living and loving to do, and I want to also share what the "other side" has to say to all of us.

Many blessings dear ones.