Sunday, October 18, 2009

Angels Amongst US - Part 2

Have you ever found feather after feather in different places within a short time frame? Have you ever found a feather in an unlikely place such as a pocket, shoe, purse, closet or your car? Most drawings and paintings depict Angels with wings. Have I piqued your interest in where this article is heading? I hope so.

There is a deity-God in Greek and Roman mythology named Hermes (Greek) or Mercury (Roman). I will refer to him as Mercury. In astrology Mercury is the planet of communication and messages. Mercury is depicted as a man, wearing a hat with wings and winged sandals (Talaria). Mercury is running - leaping forward to bring you messages. One of Mercury's jobs is to bring messages about "commerce". He can be the Angel of help with money and career issues.

I remember years ago while "channeling" for a client, I heard a sweet voice in my head whispering "one of the ways you know we are here is by seeing feathers in places where birds do not reside"? This message brought comfort to my client as she was grieving over a friend that has just died. She called me days after with her story of finding a feather in a pair of shoes - one feather for each shoe. Another day she found a feather on the driver’s seat of her car. She said when the feathers are found, it brings a big smile to her face and a sense of peace. She also said that the belief in Angels was always with her, but now "knew" they exist.

So when feather(s) come your way in those unexpected places, know that Angels are reminding you that they do exist and are waiting for you to ask for help, guidance and comfort. Angels are amongst us - let them know that you believe in them too. Ask the Angels for proof they exist ... and collect the feathers they will send your way.

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